Oral Care for you

Beauty is not everything but it's definitely important. Kliara created the best-performing toothbrush out there. Kliara Designs Sonic Toothbrushes as Stylish Fashion Accessories without Sacrificing Performance. The speed of our motor. At higher speeds, our sonic toothbrush gives you a deeper clean. That means sweeter kisses, richer conversations and better pillow talk - not pulling teeth.

Kliara looks great on your bathroom's counter and your smile looks great on you!

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Sonic Toothbrush

The New Standard in Sonic Care is 48K Pure Gold. Kliara has the fastest motor available, 48,000 strokes per minute. 

  • THE FASTEST BRUSH ON THE MARKET: 40.000 Strokes per minute.
  • THE LONGEST BATTERY LIFE: 40 Days of Battery Charge.
  • THE FASTEST CHARGING TIME: Fully charged in 12 hs vs. 24 hs.
  • 5 BRUSHING SETTINGS: For every brushing style and need.