Self Care: Mentally & Physically


Why Self-care is important now more than ever and how can we do it?

Self-care is simply, taking care of yourself mentally, physically and emotionally.

During uncertain times like these, self-care is so important and it might be the one thing we forget to do! How can we make positive use of this time and take care of ourselves? As social beings, having to be physically isolated from friends and family can have an impact on how we are feeling in general and how we are feeling about ourselves. It can definitely have an impact on our emotional health.

One of the simplest ways to do this and help us feel better is to take care of our skin - if we are comfortable and happy with the way our skin looks and feels, we automatically feel better. Skincare is an important part of our daily routine. Keeping as much routine as possible during these times is also very important.

Love your skin!

Find products that speak to you and maybe even return to some of your old favourites. Why do they speak to you? Why do you love them? There are so many skincare products to choose from and so many reasons to love them!

If you like natural, vegan and cruelty-free skincare products, for example, consider pampering yourself with a natural face mask. Taking the time to apply a mask can do wonders for your skin and your mood! Apply the mask, then just sit back and relax. Maybe light a candle; apply it while in the bathtub, listen to music. Take this time to reflect or rejuvenate. One mask we love is Alya Skin's Pink Perfect Clay Mask. This pretty pink mask is a cult favourite! The mask uses Kaolin clay from Australia that removes toxins and brightens your skin. You will see a difference in the way your skin looks and feels! For more information visit Fresh Glow.

If you have really dry skin, use a specially formulated product that glides on easily and makes your dry, cracked skin feel moisturized and soothed. It's important to search for a product that has more moisturizing ingredients versus water. Did you know that most skin care lotions and creams are made up of mostly water? It's true. Most creams and lotions contain approximately 70% water! The skin actually does not absorb water - it repels it - water sits ON the skin. A product we like is Bio-Oil's Dry Skin Gel. It is a gel that is made from oil which fully absorbs into the skin providing warm soothing relief. Apply to elbows, heels, feet and hands for immediate relief. Your skin will thank you! For more information visit

Do you want a product that has multiple uses? Sometimes we want one product that we keep in our medicine cabinet that has become our favourite go-to product! Having one multi-use product can simplify our life and our skincare routine. Simple is good! One product that works overtime is Bio-Oil Skincare Oil. This product has so many uses and covers all the bases- from head to toe. It was specifically formulated for scars and stretch marks, but it can be used for so many more skin conditions. It can help to reduce the appearance of existing scars and stretch marks and it can help prevent stretch marks during pregnancy or instances where we have weight fluctuations and growth spurts. It can also be used to improve uneven skin tone whether from aging or hyperpigmentation that occurs during pregnancy. Bio-Oil Skincare Oil also works as a great moisturizer for dehydrated skin. This amazing product can also soothe the itchiness that results from burns; use it to soften cuticles; use it to moisturize scalp and hair, and it works great as an after-sun soothing treatment for your skin. So many uses in one bottle! For more information visit

Whatever you do during these uncertain times, just remember to treat yourself to the things that make you feel better - inside and out and practice self-care!

If you want to add these products to your daily routine or just give them a try, you can find them below: